Whitening range has the highest grade ingredients, found naturally in the minerals, oils and goat milk. Basic Ingredients in "" Products : Vitamin C : The citrus extracts, rich in vitamin C help in giving the skin a tighter look and hence, reducing the age lines. It also regenerates the dead skin cells and removes the dull layer leaving a fresh, softer skin behind. Also helps in repairing the damaged skin cells, and other scars. Aloe Vera : Known as the ‘Plant if Immorality’, the benefits of aloe vera are not just limited to beauty and health. It noticeably lightens stretch marks and skin burns and hydrates the skin. Ideal for the spot treatment of dark marks on all parts of the body. Goat Milk : Goat milk is enriched with lactic acid which helps remove blemishes and lightens other dark areas. Also, a great moisturizer, it helps the skin retain the glow and younger look. Also, this milk is very rich in Vitamin A, which helps lighten and give a fresh, non-dull appeal to the face. Honey : A natural moisturizer, honey helps keep the skin hydrated and gives it the radiant glow. Also, the magical compound has oxidizing properties and helps fix the broken, cracked, and dead skin. The best part, it entrenches deep beneath the skin and keeps it protected from coming in contact with other harmful elements, in the environment.